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What is CTP?

CTP was created for a contractor to contractor interaction. Selling renting connecting contractors to share information and sell excess materials leftover from job sites to prevent waste from overordering.

Fee structure?

We charge a listing fee of $.50per listing. We charge a final value fee of 8% once the item is sold. 

Do i need a license to sell?

Yes, the site is for contractors with valid licenses.

How do I start?

  • Click on the sell rent item tab.
  • You will be prompted to Register. 
  • Fill in the information and you will be prompted to verify your email.
  • Once you upload an image and list your item you will be directed to your profile.
  • Be sure to add your company info in the about me and a company logo and give your shop a personal touch.

How does my product get seen?

Make sure you provide a clear description of your item and detailed title. CTP is marketing the site and working hard to get your products and services contractor to contractor exposure.

I used an item how do i remove it?

Go to my items find your item and click the trash can... easy

I sold my item how do i get paid?

Click the stripe connect to set up your account and begin accepting and receiving payments today.

Open your shop?

  • Follow the step by step prompts to open your digital storefront and begin clearing space in your shop
  • Finish your shop setup
  • Banner and shop logo: Upload clear photos that represent All specifications of the products you are selling to contractors
  • Store announcement: Share a brief welcome message with shoppers. 
  • About section: Upload videos or photos and share the story behind your products, how your business came to be, and what your vision is for your brand. Learn how to craft a great About section
  • Store policies: Outline all your policies for shipping, returns, exchanges, payments, custom items, or any other guidelines that are important for shoppers to know before they make a purchase.